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We provide comprehensive editing and writing services to let your ideas shine.


The Polished Opal offers the following levels of editing and writing services to meet your needs.

Editing Services
Content Editing Line Editing Copyediting Proofreading
Level 1 X
Level 2 X X X
Level 3 X X X X

If you are new to the editing process, consult our glossary of terms.

For copy almost ready for publication, choose level 1. The editors of The Polished Opal will conduct the final step of the editing process, proofreading, before the text is sent to the printer or published online. This service includes an assessment of the copy, deletion of overlooked errors, and small refinements.

Level 2 best fits substantially revised copy that requires further detailed editing. This service ensures finer aspects are correct and consistent—a deeper edit than level 1. The editors will work with you to achieve better phrasing for your project, tailored for a specific or broad audience, depending on your needs. Level 2 also includes the final step, proofreading, as offered in level 1.

The all-inclusive level 3, the most extensive editing service offered, is recommended for work requiring multiple reviews to take copy from the roughest first draft to a polished finished product ready for publication and distribution. This service rectifies major weaknesses and minor errors and produces strong content. This level includes the components of levels 1 and 2.

Here's a select list of what The Polished Opal editors can do for you. Contact us today to discuss your project.


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Marketing materials

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Artist statements

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