The Polished Opal

Refining Writing in the Rough

We provide comprehensive editing and writing services to let your ideas shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know which service I need?

Check out the Services page to evaluate the different levels of editing available. If you still have questionsThe Polished Opal team can help determine which level of service your writing requires. The glossary further explains what each kind of editing entails.

2. How much will my project cost?

The cost depends on the nature of your project and your specific needs. Contact The Polished Opal today to receive a competitive quote. The editors will strive to work with your budget.

3. What if I'm a student?

Discounted rates are available for university and graduate student projects. The editors can provide writing and English tutoring for high school and students. They will edit and proofread theses and dissertations but will not write papers out of whole cloth for students.  As your project dictates, they will adhere to the assignment's guidelines and to the required style manual.

4. How long will the work take?
Turnaround times vary from project to project. Less involved projects mean shorter turnaround times. Editing longer projects such as dissertations and full-length books takes more time than evaluating a batch of tweets. If you are on a tight deadline, reach out as soon as possible to ensure enough lead time is given for your project.

5. Will I (the writer) be allowed to approve all changes?

Yes. Depending on the type of program in which your file was created, “Track Changes” or another feature can be enabled so that you can see  corrections or suggestions and approve them before delivery of the final product.

6. What if I don’t include sources with my project?

Anytime a writer quotes or uses someone else's content, that information must be verified. Verification that requires the editors to search for sources will incur an extra charge. As long as the writer provides a list of all sources used, the verification charge is waived.

7. What if my project needs footnotes, endnotes, internal documentation, or other citations, and I didn't provide them?

Requiring your editors to construct a bibliography or add citations and other formatting will increase the cost of the project. 

8. Why is your business called The Polished Opal?

The opal holds special meaning for the editors; it's their shared birthstone. They view editing copy as highly similar to the process of polishing gemstones: the work requires not only knowledge of but also appreciation for quality and refining of details.