The Polished Opal

Refining Writing in the Rough

We provide comprehensive editing and writing services to let your ideas shine.


"Ashley and Andrea finely tuned a business document for me. They got to the heart of what I was trying to say and made sure that I expressed my vision as clearly and concisely as possible."

— Sean K.






"The fine ladies of The Polished Opal did just that — polish. I worked with them on writing, proofreading, and editing several cover letters as a part of my job search. They were able to identify key words and phrases, refine the vision and purpose of the letter to its essential points, and help me put forth the best and most complete picture of my professional self for each position I applied for.

"Andrea and Ashley are thoughtful, caring women who will bring their best to your project. I recommend them without reservation."

— Jonnelle R.

“Andrea and Ashley are more than just copywriters—they truly take the time to work with you to identify both your future career goals, and your career ‘story.’ Instead of simply putting together a laundry list of bullets, they helped me craft a résumé that painted a clear picture of my career trajectory and that acutely illustrated how my experience makes me a perfect fit for my target positions.

"What's more, Andrea and Ashley are amazingly detail oriented: they caught small typos and grammatical errors on my résumé no one else did. With their help, I know that I'm putting my absolute best face forward for future employers. Andrea and Ashley are a godsend to job seekers everywhere, and I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Alicia Y.

"The editors polished my résumé from coal to a more professional gem. I received many more responses from employers, and I believe it was integral to the landing the job I have now."

— Stephanie J.