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About The Polished Opal Team

Andrea  Principal Editor & Owner


Principal Editor & Owner

Ashley   Content Editor  & Business Development Director


Content Editor & Business Development Director

Andrea Hultman serves as the principal editor of The Polished Opal. She is a 15-year veteran of the publishing industry and possesses a degree in English. Andrea formerly trained copy editors and can zero in on errors, big or small. Her thorough knowledge of grammar rules and industry standards informs her critical eye. In her spare time, she writes poetry and novels, crochets, and makes jewelry.

Ashley Hultman is the content editor and business development director for The Polished Opal. She brings 10 years of political, government, and nonprofit experience requiring substantial amounts of writing and research. She excels at conceptually analyzing content and messaging, correcting vague arguments, and tailoring copy for specific audiences, as well as assessing visual elements of a client’s presentation. When she is not working on client projects, you can find her exploring art museums, painting and drawing.